Axe you want ? Are you looking for a merlin axe, a lumberjack axe, a carpenter's axe or a hand axes, fantasy axes? At, you're at the right place! Hand-forged axes from with modern Fiskars axes, we can all deliver them from our own stock. We also have throwing axes and tomahawks with premium quality and they are same as shown and according to description in terms of material and sizes. ‘s offers lightweight and compact enough  axes to be carried all day long. The handles are made of high quality wood. This type of wood is ideal against the great forces that steel undergoes during use. We sale best quality products at lowest prices to our customers. Replicas, custom made and all sorts of designs can be made according to your demand as well against pre order. Because, we are manufacturers, exporters ad retailers of axes, shipping all over the world. Feel free to order even if you don’t want in later, we offer 100% return  upon all our products because your satisfaction is our top priority. (Terms & conditions apply)
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